Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let the Show Begin!

Last night was the opening of the show "The Camera Always Lies" at the Center for Photography at Woodstock curated by Beth E. Wilson. I was one of 5 photographers represented in what is a brilliantly curated exhibit. One's first impression is that there is a wide variety of artists and styles and what exactly is it that ties them together. Beth did a wonderful job of putting these different aesthetics into context and showing how unified they can be "in the sense that nothing is as it initially appears", thus the title of the show. The exhibit was divided into four categories or themes that as she puts it "emphasizes the elusiveness of established borders and boundaries within contemporary practices".

I will say that I did not know what to expect. I questioned the title and where my work fit in. Once seeing the work in relation to the theme and the other artist's works I am convinced of her vision.

I do hope you will have an opportunity to find your way to Woodstock. It is a wonderful exhibition of contemporary photography and curatorial excellence.

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