Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Bench image

I love this photo. I am constantly drawn to those people who momentarily separate from their surroundings to contemplate on a thought. I do wonder what they are thinking. A photograph should make you wonder.

The Fuji!

I got the deal of the day. I bought a Fuji GA645Zi on ebay for the very low price of $389.00. This camera is selling at Adorama for $800-$1000. Nuff said! It is a great medium format rangefinder that has zoom, autofocus, in-camera metering and much more. Really looking foward to using it. Will post pics as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Bench Project cont.

Well it looks like it will be a challenge to get the photos I wanted from the office lobby. Most of the people I have asked to pose are refusing to have their picture taken. It was unexpected. I had hoped that with a smile and an explanation of my intentions I could get a few people to be willing to sit for me. So far I am batting only 1 out of 5. I will continue to visit this lobby and try to get a few people to rest for a moment on the bench for me.

So I will begin this project with existing photos of people on benches that I have already shot. It just happens that I have always had a penchant for people on benches. As this image is one that has been immortalized by many photographers I feel a sense of kinship with them now that I have taken on this project.

The image above was shot in Italy.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My show in Woodstock

The opening reception for my show at the Center for Photography in Woodstock has been changed to Sat., June 14th from the original date of June 28th. Please make a note. I will be posting more info as it gets closer. I will also be sending out invites via email and snail mail.

You can find more info about the Center here:

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Bench Project

I've decided to take on a portrait project. This is rather out of context for me as I tend not to engage my subjects but it feels right. After doing a test (see above - click to see it larger) I'm quite certain it's the project I should do.

This project should last the summer and I expect I will have parallel projects as well. I had planned on going back to New Jersey and visit the neighborhood and town where I grew up. I have yet to elaborate on the imagery and what type of story I want to tell. I do have so many ideas but I must hold back the urge to do too much at once.